2 MUST DO Tips to enhance your LinkedIn Profile


It’s that time of year to make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated!! Actually, it should always be up to date!! Opportunity awaits!

Are you NEW to LinkedIn? Maybe you’re a long time user but need to work on completing your profile? Is your profile kind of completed? Do you want your LinkedIn profile to network for you? Well, here are two MUST DO tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile!

There are many tips for your LinkedIn profile, but I will give you the two most important ones to start with.

2 MUST DO tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile

1. Complete your profile so its status is 100% “All Star”
2. Upload a Professional Profile Picture

These are two simple tips that many professionals on LinkedIn are not doing. Here are some stats before you read on: 49.5% of users do not have a completed profile, and about 19% of recruiters only look at your profile’s image. Let’s get started.

1. Complete your profile so it’s status is 100% “All Star”
This is EASY!!! There are 5 levels of your profile you can earn: “All-star”, “Expert”, “Advance”, “Intermediate” or “Beginner”. So many people fail to complete these simple steps. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  1. Add your industry and location
  2. Add a current position
  3. Add two past positions
  4. Add your education
  5. Add your skills (minimum of 3)
  6. Add a profile photo
  7. Connect with at least 50 people

ACTIONABLE TO DO: Here is the easiest way to achieve “All Star” status. On your PC, log in to LinkedIn and place your curser over Profile and click on Edit Profile. You will notice a blue box asking you a question – answer EVERY question that appears and by doing so, it will get you on your way to completing your profile.

2. Upload a Professional Profile Picture
Yes, even though this is a to-do in the list above, you will be surprised to know how many people skip this important to-do and trust me when I write – you will notice a lot of missing profile pictures on LinkedIn. As of April last year, adding a professional picture to your profile is 11x more likely to be viewed than a profile without a picture. I am less likely to request or accept a connection without seeing who it is I’m connecting with. Also keep in mind that 19% of recruiters only look at your image. Example, look at the below image, let’s say you’re looking to connect with an individual in Marketing, who are you most likely to click on? Your profile picture is your first impression, valuable real estate so people feel comfortable connecting … that is a non-negotiable.

ACTIONABLE TO DO: Get a nice picture taken and uploaded. Get one professionally taken or get a great photo taken with your mobile phone or handheld camera. Make sure it’s business professional and not a Facebook type image.

Thats it!! Thank you for taking a moment to read! Do these two simple steps to have a profile better than 49.5% of the people using LinkedIn. And you are 11x more likely to get viewed with a professional profile picture. There are over 150 Million active users on LinkedIn – be better than half!! Look out for more LinkedIn tips in future posts.

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