3 Reasons why I will be using the Slinger App with Snapchat

Have you noticed? There’s quite a buzz going around in the Snapchat community about a new app called Slinger. Slinger is an app that allows vertical screen content creators to upload their video to a place that allows others to discover and share their videos; past and current videos.  Currently the app is only available on the iOS, but will soon be available on Android. Download Slinger here.

There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings about this app, due to the ability to archive content from Snapchat. Snapchat content is meant to stay alive for 10 secs to 24 hours depending on the Snap.

I will be using this app hand and hand with Snapchat and here are my Top 3 Reasons Why.

  1. My Interactive Stories will no longer be limited to a 24 hr shelf life
  2. There will be exposure to the audience of other Snapchatters
  3. Easy Discovery

But let’s discuss these reason’s further.

1. My Interactive Stories will no longer be limited to a 24 hr shelf life
If your an Interactive storyteller like I am or someone similar, who spends hours on hours creating and developing a snap in a story, the idea that it can live on for more than the allotted 24 hours in snapchat is an enticing one. It means that others who are only just discovering me can go back and see / view all my past stories and those who have seen them before can enjoy them again! You gotta admit thats a pretty cool feature. Now there is an app available to us that works hand and hand with Snapchat allowing you to archive your best content for others to see.

2. Exposure to the audience of other Snapchatters.
The app was built by creators for creators. The first wave of users come from many of the popular Snapchat influencers, They were the first to promote to their audience building the apps userbase. How many of you wish you had exposure to the audience of many of these Snapchat Influencers? Cha, I know I would!! With Slinger, you have the opportunity to be seen, and the likelyhood of falling into a collaboration with one of the Influencers is that much likely to happen than on Snapchat itself.

3. Easy Discovery
There is no such thing as being able to “Discover” great Snapchat users within the Snapchat app. Slinger provides the opportunity to be seen. The Leaderboard section within the app allows you to see the top content creators, and the ability to view trending videos that are popular at that moment. Think about it, YOU could be the next person everyone else is taking about just because you came across their feed.

Final Thoughts,
I do believe this is a cool app, and that it compliments Snapchat not replaces it. I am not suggesting that you upload and archive ALL your content here in real time. You do still want people to look forward to seeing your new posts /stories primarily on Snapchat so what I will say is this, Snapchat first…and then wait until your content expires and then upload to Slinger. IN the same instance, if you are trying to grow your following on Snapchat, Slinger will provide for you a great way to be discovered. Now is the time to show us your talents while the app is hot, fresh and new!

If you’re not connected with me on Snapchat yet, send me a request. My username is ShaunAyala, — I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

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