So, we’ve suddenly found ourselves pivoting in our strategies, on how we are being creative, how we interact with our clients and are probably even redesigning and/or developing an entire new business model in an effort to stay relevant during these uncertain times. What’s happening is affecting every single industry, and everyday we are trying to make due with what we have, with video being the best source of communication at the moment. 

“… this moment has leveled the playing field … it’s what you do now will make the difference …” – Chip Wade

I had the opportunity to listen in on the NKBA LIVE Zoom discussion titled: “Brave New Business: Forward Thinking” hosted by Bill Darcy the President of NKBA. Bill led a panel discussion with 3 NKBA members, Kerrie Kelly, Nar Bustamante and Chip Wade who are very influential in our industry today. These 3 members represented our kitchen and bath community from Design, Showroom and a Remodeling Space. The conversation was inspirational and informative because of the way these people have embraced technology to support their business before and during this COVID 19 situation. 

Here are a few take aways from the panelist that resonated with me about Video Technology that we can all agree is extremely important to highlight in this point in time. I’m writing this with hopes that it will educate and inspire you to take action on expanding your business today. The key word here is “expand” not replace, embracing video will allow you to elevate your brand and business but it will also, save you time and money, so please keep that in mind as you experience how your life may have shifted utilizing these tools today.

1. Leverage Video Text and Calling to communicate

  • Utilize video calling with apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger etc for one on one digital face to face discussion. This can eliminate and save you time and money on travel etc.
  • Instead of an email or a quick text, utilize video in your text with existing or potential clients. ( In the interview Chip explains that he experienced a higher conversion rate using this method of conversation).

2. Start Exploring Remote Meetings

  • Utilize Digital Presentation Applications to share your presentations.
  • Zoom and Webex are great online tools at sharing your screen when presenting. (Chip also shared that he shifted to Virtual Design about 3 and a half years ago, he said its the best thing he ever did.) Chip said “Think about it, If your a talented designer, how great would it be to service your clients anywhere at the same level as if you were there in person? This allows you to present with Quality and brainstorm different directions on the spot. You’ll have more information sitting in front of you on your computer screen of their property than if you were to show up to the property in person without a tape measure.”
  • Screen share is considered an intellectual property. Nar Bustamante recommends to send a disclaimer email before you screen share, get an understanding before you engage.

3. Continue to leverage video to build your pipeline

  • Start with empathy and check in with everyone on your list. Send them a quick video via text, Messenger, Facebook etc, ask them how they are doing and let them know you’re there and available to them if they need should arise.

I hope these tips helps you to expand your offerings if you are not doing these already. Now is a great time to test, tweak and practice these ideas if you have a client looking for your support. Kerrie Kelly recommends to charge the same price for these virtual services as if you were there in person. You are having similar dialogue and brainstorming digitally. This is an elevated service if executed correctly that will save you time and money. With people being forced to use technology in ways they haven’t a few months back, this will allow you to expand your services to meeting both the unperson expectations and the digital one. Don’t for get to follow NKBA, Bill Darcy, Kerrie Kelly, Nar Bustamante and Chip Wade on social media for more inspiration. 

Shaun Ayala is an Award Winning Storyteller, Digital Content Creator and Marketer. Shaun has been is the Industry for over a decade learning about the latest technologies, trends and innovations. As a member of many communities like NKBA, ASID, AIA and others, his goal is to find opportunities to partner and give back what he has learned over the years to help others within the community to fulfill their design vision.

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