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As you continue to make tweaks and updates to your profile, make the following tips a priority to complete.

3 MOST VIWED areas of your LinkedIn Profile
Since I can not seem to find the “official” term for this section, I’ll simply call it your LinkedIn Business Card.

It’s a business card in a sense, because the information that you input here will be promoted and seen by the thousands and thousands of potential connections on LinkedIn, even before they click on your profile. What you input here will ultimately determine whether that potential connection finds you interesting enough to click and learn more about you. Talk about “First Impression”!

3 MOST VIEWED areas of your LinkedIn Profile
1. Your Name
2. Your Picture
3. Your Header Description

1. Your Name
Please use your REAL NAME here, the one that’s on your birth certificate! Suprisingly, there are many individuals who use their business names as their profile name, without fully understanding that their LinkedIn profiles “should” be about the PERSON, and not the business. (I apologize in advance, if you are one of them). Your LinkedIn profile is about YOU and how YOU can help others to achieve THIER goals from what YOU are best at. But do not be disheartened, if you are inclined to keep a business page, you can sign up for it here.

ACTIONABLE TO-DO: If you are not using your REAL FIRST and LAST NAME on your personal LinkedIn profile, change it now. Go to Profile > Edit Profile > Click on the Edit button for your name.

2. Your Profile Picture
I talked about this in a previous post here, your profile picture is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT so I’ll mention it AGAIN (Are you sick of me talking about it yet? lol). If you don’t listen to me, then listen to the NUMBERS! Statistically, adding a professional picture to your profile is 11x more likely to be viewed than a profile without a picture. Use a professional style picture of yourself, this isn’t Instagram or Facebook; I say that with sincere respect, the truth of the matter is, we must treat each social network as they are intended to be use. LinkedIn is for the PROFESSIONALS, a picture of you hanging out with your friends on the beach just won’t cut it.

ACTIONABLE TO DO: Get a professional picture taken and upload it. If you con not get a professional picture taken have a friend or family member take one with your mobile phone or handheld camera (I would only recommend this as a last result, but follow up with a professional version fast!). Go to Profile > Edit Profile > Hover over the profile image and click Add/Change Photo.

3. Your Header Description 
This is equally important as the top 2! Keywords, keywords, keywords is key here! Use key words that are standard in your industry like in my case, Marketing StrategistSocial Media StrategistCEO etc. Make them keywords you want to be found for! LinkedIn actually suggests that adding your industry will bring your profile 15x more views! Use the “|” or “•” or “✮” to divide your text/phrases, this will give it a unique look separating you from others with a visual break between words. Other LinkedIn experts say, take advantage of the 120 character limit to capture your target audience’s attention. I’ll add to that and say, out of the 120 character limit, the first 45-65 characters are THE MOST IMPORTANT! It’s the first 45-65 characters a person will see and read, make it precise and memorable, remember a good first impression is KEY!

ACTIONABLE TO DO: Write down 2-4 terms you want to be searched for! Is it Marketing Strategist? Social Media Strategist? Director of ___? Creative Director? Retail Executive? Use keywords that describes you in your industry, your role or what you want others to find you for. Go to Profile > Edit Profile > Click on the Edit button for your Headline.

Below are a few examples of the 3 MOST VIEWED areas of your LinkedIn Profile:
This example is seen by potential connections on the desktop version of LinkedIn when logged in. The first 45ish characters of your headline are shown on this version (SIDE NOTE: Notice the amount of people who may not have a profile picture… yours will stand out!)

This next example is a mobile version (this happens a lot), notice how others may not have 1,2 or 3 completed, the first 65ish characters of your headline are shown on this version but the one that’s completed looks more attractive than the rest. Especially if they are looking for someone in the marketing field in the example below.

That’s it for today’s tip brought to you by Socialcated.com! Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post informative.

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