4 Ways to Utilize Snapchat Influencers to Build Your Snapchat Presence

If you’re considering Snapchat for your business or brand,  would you like to know how to reach a specific target audience on Snapchat, or you’d  want to understand the basics of getting started or if you want to create a strategy that allows you to stand out on the platform, these 4 tips are for you!
The truth is, snapchat influencers are the most educated content creators and storytellers on the platform today.  You will find that they each cater to a specific audience.  As brands and marketers get on this platform, they soon realize that snapchat influencers are the ones with the best information since they have cultivated a following way before Snapchat became mainstream.  Here are my top 4 ways to utilize Snapchat Influencers/Content Creators to build and grow your Snapchat presence:
  1. Influence
    Hire Snapchat Influencers/Content Creators to get the word out about your product or service through their creative storytelling and creative native content ideas. Influencers can bring awareness to and/or drive their audience to your account through strategic takeovers to build your snapchat audience. PRO-TIP: Never dictate what and how a Snapchat Influencer/Content Creator should engage and create, give them the goal and allow them to have creative freedom. It flows more natural that way.
  2. Content Creation
    If you already have an audience, Snapchat Influencer/Content Creators can help you strategize a weekly or monthly plan.  A great idea is to do a take over that will allow you to always have content ready for your audience to experience. PRO-TIP: Search and follow many Snapchat Influencers/Content Creators to find the right person you think will work great with you, your brand or what you want to accomplish. Hire the right influencer to simple create content on your account.
  3. Consultant
    Consult a Snapchat Influencer. Snapchat Influencers/Content Creators understand how to create content natively and tapping into their knowledge of growing and maintaining an audience will have you Snapchatting like a pro.
  4. Study The Influencers
    If you do not have a budget to do any of the above, study how Snapchat Influencers/Content Creators use the tools and to create stories/snaps, communicate and interact with their audience on the platform. Pay attention to the way they execute their stories will give you ideas to try and implement within your community on Snapchat.
Final Thoughts
The work for understanding Snapchat has been done already, use the11thsecond.com to help you find and discover influencers that may just be right for you. The right influencer will be able to compliment your brand, enhance your content, build your audience or just create content on your account. Would you like to use many Snapchat Influencers? Use agencies like Naritiv or Delmondo to navigate and recommend how to utilize multiple influencers in your next big campaign.

Now Go Build That Account!

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