Growing your Audience with Snapchat Memories

Growing your Audience with Snapchat Memories

Looking for ways to increase awareness to your Snapchat account using Memories?

Interested in building word of mouth during a story immediately?

Snapchat Memories now allows you to upload photos from your camera roll and send them directly to your story. No more taking a pictures of a picture to add to your story!

In this article, I will give you 2 actionable to do’s that you can start right away, that will allow your audience to participate in your story and help build your following.

When storyboarding my own Snapchat stories, I always add two key components to them. First one is, a “call to action” that enables my audience to participate in my story, and two, including my snapcode for my audience to screenshot and share. The new Memories feature makes doing this easier than ever to accomplish. This is extremely important if you are looking for new ways to build and grow your account through word of mouth. Lets break these two down further.

hailmary-frame1. Create a call to action that encourages your audience to participate in your story.
Give your audience the opportunity to be featured in your story. Do this by creating ways in which they can contribute to your story. Create a call to action by creating an example that they can reference that uses the doodle, emoji or stickers feature and show them what you would like for them to create. Remember, make the action easy for the audience to execute and snap back to you. When they do, screen shot their submissions and add them to your story using Memories. This idea is great for engagement as people want to be seen and discovered especially since the platform does not allow discoverability. Featuring others in your story builds word of mouth because people get excited to see themselves getting featured and in turn they will tell a friend to check out the story they just got featured in, which gives you exposure and reach. This is also a great way to get user generated content that can be used outside of Snapchat. Look for ways to include your audience, they will love it.Ball-few

snapcode-live2. Adding your Snapcode.
Adding the accounts Snapcode at the end of the story right before you feature the audience will allow it to have the most visibility for a user to take action on screenshoting it to share with friends. If your story was really worth taking about, this is the opportunity to encourage your audience to take action and share! Upload your Snapcode using Memories and instruct your audience what they should do with it, for example: “oh, if you thought this story was fun, screenshot the next snap and share it with a friend!”, then upload your Snapcode. You will be surprised how many people will actually screenshot your code to share with their friends. Don’t do this all the time, but definitly use when you think something is worth sharing immediately.

Let’s see these 2 examples in action. I used it when I was given an opportunity to take over the NFL Chargers account. You will notice in their snaps when I used Snapchat Memories because these snaps can be identified with a white border and the text in the left hand corner stating “from camera roll”.

The first call to action I used was “Draw a picture of you catching your Chargers football like this, and snap us back so we can feature some of the best right here on Snapchat!”
The second call to action I used was “oh, if you thought this snapchat game was fun, screenshot the next snap and share it with a friend!”
I also mentioned user generated content earlier, the Chargers received so many submission that we couldn’t feature everyone in their Snap Story so the Chargers social team curated as much of the snaps they could and added them to a page on for fans to check out.

Final Thoughts,
I believe featuring your audience is key and a priority. Don’t be afraid to feature your audience, this is an incredible way to reward your audience for the time they took to snap you something they created. This is a great way to inspire your audience to participate and be seen and for them to tell others about your account. So feature your audience and have fun with them!


Did you know that posting to your story keeps your story at the top of your friends “All Stories” feed? I use uploading my audiences snaps as a strategy to keep my story at the top of their feed. I would upload a snap or 2 every hour. Featuring your audience at the end of you story allows you to simply feature them and not continuously create content for your story. They become part of your story! This will keep your content at the top for the 24 hour period.

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Now go feature your audience!

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