How to animate emojis in your Snapchat Videos [VIDEO]

Snapchat released an update that will allow you to animate emojis in your Snapchat videos!

I know I know ….Why would I need to do that?! Well if you’re a storyteller like I am, you are always looking for new ways to be innovative in your Snapchat stories.

This tool enables a whole new layer in story telling similar to the Face Swap feature. I have already seen some incredible stories that have been made completely out of emojis. I’ll share a few below.

How does this feature work? Emojis can now stick to or track on to an object in your Snapchat video, its really that simple.

Now Lets get started with activate our first moving emoji

  1. Take a video in snapchat
  2. Add an emoji using the sticker icon
  3. Size the emoji to your preference and then press and hold the emoji to activate the feature, you will notice that the video will pause.
  4. Drag the emoji to the position you want it to stick or track to and release your finger. You will notice Snapchat processing the emojis moment.
    And BAM! You did it!
  5. To delete the emoji, simply drag the emoji off its track, press and hold and the sticker icon at the top will turn into a delete icon, then just drag it to the trashcan.

Thats it!!

Here is an example of an emoji story that absolutely CRUSHED IT by Kyle James (Snapchat: ProducerKCM)

Final Thought
Use the tools and features in Snapchat when it makes sense, do not overdue it and never force your content. Emojis are just another tool that will help enhance your stories, so have fun with it.

Try a moving Emoji in your next Story!

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