How to attend every Social Media Day 2017 event

I always get excited about June 3oth! Why?? Because its recognized as Social Media Day across the nation!!!  From Tyler Anderson’s Social Media Day event in San Diego, to Joel Comm’s & Kim Garst event in Denver and to Carlos Gil’s event in Jacksonville Florida. HOW DO YOU EVEN CHOOSE THE ONE TO BE AT!?

This year, I’ve been invited to speak at Carlos’ Jacksonville event, so that’s where I’ll be physically. But if you’re a social geek like me, the dream would be to attend all these events right? Well I figured out a way to do this, in an easy, cost effective way. For under $60 I will be at 5 locations on Social Media Day! SAY WHAT NOW SHAUN!?

Through the magic of Snapchat Geofilters, I’ll be in Houston, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver and Jacksonville.  I look at these filters as a way to just get seen and in front of any Social Media Marketers who will be using Snapchat on that day. And even tho,  I know its all about Instagram right now, you never know who will be snapping. Plus, some of us do repurpose our Snapchat content to Instagram and Facebook, so that means I might just get seen when people are in Snapchat. *wink*

If you’re not doing this strategy, I definitely would recommend it. It’s literally like being in many places at the same time! What a great way to get seen by others. I’ve had many people inbox me saying they saw my Geofilter and wanted to know who this guy was – TOTAL WIN!

Bottom line is, be where your audience is at! You just never know who’s watching! Talk to you soon and  see you at ALL these events! haha!

If you’re not connected with me on Snapchat yet, send me a request. My username is ShaunAyala, —  Snapchat you soon!

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