How to Gain up to 30% More Views on Snapchat within 24 Hours


Have you noticed that your views fluctuate from snap story to snap story? If you are not manually counting and logging your followers, you will never know the full view potential your account could reach. You may have more followers than you think!

Word of mouth is powerful when you’ve created a Snap Story worth talking about. We need to give our followers every opportunity to share our incredible Snap Story to their friends to view. Below are 4 tips that will help you increase the amount of views you get from your current following and maximize reach to new followers. Lets maximize those snap!

After posting a Snap Story to your Snapchat account that’s worth talking about, you have 24 hours to take full advantage of maximizing your views and increasing your following within the Snapchat app. Immediately plan and follow through on each of these steps:

  1. Create a Call to Action (CTA) Snap
  2. Send the CTA Snap to All your Friends
  3. Rank Higher in Friend’s Stories Feed
  4. Follow your New Followers

Let’s talk more about what each step means:

Create a Call to Action (CTA) Snap

Think of this as a promotional snap or a commercial informing your friends why they need to check out your story. BUT BE WISE — Do not take advantage here and spam your friends.

A quick video or a simple snap image will do the trick. Make it short and simple because depending on the amount of friends you have, you will need to redo this snap more than once. The goal with this snap is to simply say: “I have something cool up on my story, go check it out before its gone forever.” DO NOT POST THIS SNAP TO YOUR STORY!

What should you include in your CTA Snap?

  • Image/video relevant to the story
  • CTA like “View my story now”
  • Create urgency — Add an expiration date and time (optional)

Here are a few screen shots of what I created promoting my Snapchat stories in the pass.


Send the CTA Snap to All your Friends

There has been recent debate whether or not you should send snaps to people you are not officially “friends” with on the platform.

I’ve found that 0.5% of people who are following me do not like getting a personal snap however the other 99.95% actually appreciate that Im giving them a heads up about my snap stories due to the fear of missing out. I do think this is debatable based on who you are and the type of content creator you are.

My suggestion: If someone expresses their desire NOT to receive a personal snap from you, just block them. It’s as simple as that.

Rank Higher in Friends Stories Feed

You need to work at making sure your snap story gets in front of your viewers and at the top of their “Stories” feed at all time. Snapchat display stories based on when the snap was last updated, so as your viewer scrolls through their feed, they will see the last updated snap from their friends first.

This is extremely valuable real estate, especially if they are following many people. I’ve found that by adding to your story throughout the day and night, helps to move and keep your story at the top of your followers Stories feed.

Doing so pushes your unseen snap story to the top of there feed. This works especially well for people who didn’t notice that you first posted it hours ago, so no chance of them missing out on it now. I actually add to my story every 2 hours or so.

The best way to gain additions to your story is to ask your viewers to share or contribute to the current story. Get them to engage by asking questions like “What did you think?” or “Snap me your reactions!” You can then take a picture of their picture and post/add them to your story.

Follow your New followers

When you start to gain traction in growing your following, this is an opportunity for you to build rapport and relationships with more friends who will potentially share your account. Following your followers will allow you to send messages directly to them from your Snapchat contact list.

Doing this will also allow you to send your CTA snaps to a larger list of friends that will continue to build your views and grow your account.

There are pros and cons to following your followers:

PRO: You create a relationship and accelerate word of mouth because you are communicating with the people consuming your story. People like to feel appreciated and communicating with them does that.

CON: After following about 500+ people you will notice a lag when loading your friends stories in the stories screen. This is because the app is trying to load all your friend’s stories at the same time. Doing this also hogs your data.

My suggestion here would be, follow back as many people as you can. It will help build momentum and create buzz about your Snapchat account, again, word of mouth and relationship building is key. Building a solid foundation of followers who will love and share your content is the start to a succecful Snapchat account.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your views and growing a following begins with word of mouth within Snapchat. Give your story every opportunity to be seen by your followers. If your content is worth talking about it will be shared, increasing the opportunity for you to gain more followers.

If you’re not connected with me yet on Snapchat, send me a request, my username is ShaunAyala, – I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

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Edited by @CandiceAyala and @benfigo

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