How to use the New Snapchat Face Swap Feature


Snapchat just released a new feature called Face Swap. Face Swap allows you to do just that, face swap with another person. The great thing about this is you can access photos from your camera roll to do a Face Swap! And this feature is incredibly intuitive, it actually searches for faces within the photos of your camera roll and then presents you with a roll of faces to choose from.

I’m especially excited about this tool because it will allow Snapchat’s content creators, like myself, to take storytelling to a whole new level. My first thoughts are of cameos of famous people in your snaps. Cool right?! Your motivational Monday can now feature the people you are quoting! Or you can Face Swap with the person singing that song you like. I think about the way Marvel cleverly includes Stan Lee as a cameo in all Marvel movies, and now we can do something similar by featuring, and being the people we are referencing in the story that we are telling. All you really need is a good head shot of a the person you’d like to create, turn on your face swap filter and BAM – YOU ARE THEM!  Google search is my new best friend. haha!

I can foresee that this new fun feature will produce a new breed of stories and storytellers within snapchat! How exciting! Here is my first Stab at using this feature:

Now let’s get into how to access this feature.

1. Go to your Snapchat Camera screen (in front facing or rear), press on you on your face to activate the face capturing feature. This will activate the face tracking filter.
2. Scroll to the icon that have a camera and a face icon, this will activate the Face Swap Filter.
3. Snapchat searches all your photos and present the faces  from the pictures in your camera roll. Choose one to do a Face Swap.
4. Tap for a photo or press to record your new Face Swap
5. Add filters, emojis, doodles, text, etc and submit to your story, send to a friend or download to share with others.

That’s it! You activated your first Face Swap.
Tip: If you really want this feature to work well with celebrities and other well known individuals, search google for the best headshot of the person you want and save to your camera roll.

Final Thoughts
I’m really excited to see the new kind of content that will be created using this feature. If you use the Motivational Monday one, send me a snap, I would love to check that one out!

Now go get creative with your Stories!

If you’re not connected with me on Snapchat yet, send me a request. My username is ShaunAyala, — I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

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