How to use the Zoom feature on Snapchat


With the latest May 5, 2015 update, Snapchat introduced “Zoomed Videos! It’s super simple – while recording a Snap all you do is drag a finger across the screen to zoom!  And guess what! It works for pictures too!

The best news is, the new zoomed feature works with BOTH the forward facing and the rear facing camera of your device. Pretty sweet right? No more having to take and re-take pictures! I have found however, this feature does not work well with phones that don’t have a great forward facing camera. =(

Snapchat-Zoomed-VideosThere are 2 ways to activate the zoom feature, HERE’S HOW:

1. You can pinch the screen to zoom in or out to the desired shot BEFORE tapping to snap a picture or holding the record button for video.
2. During video recording, drag a second finger across the screen, drag up to zoom in, drag down to zoom out.

Now for the fun stuff,  go test this new feature out and send it to me! Lemme see how you use the new zoom feature.

If you’re not connected with me yet on snapchat, send me a request, my username is ShaunAyala, – I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

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