LinkedIn Tip: Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile

Would you like to view fellow LinkedIn profiles without anyone knowing that you did? Would you like to casually view profiles without feeling like a stalker?

If you are not aware of this by now, the default setting in LinkedIn, alerts and informs a person that their page has been viewed by you. That means, whenever you view a person’s profile, LinkedIn reports your profile picture, name and lets them know that you’ve just viewed their profile. That’s kinda creepy right? And I know it is for the very reason, many of you are hesitant about viewing profiles because of this default setting. BUT GUESS WHAT?! There’s a way around this! Depending on your goal and strategy for how you use LinkedIn, below is a step by step guide on changing this default setting, so you can casually browse LinkedIn profiles anonymously.

ACTIONABLE TO-DO: Follow the step-by-step video guide below if you would like to change your default settings to be seen as a anonymous viewer.

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