Remember How We Forgot [VIDEO]

facebook-image-rememberhowweforgotI remember when I was shown this video for the first time. My wife knew I would love it. Thank you Candice Ayala for introducing this to me. As I watched it, listened to every word spoken by Shane, every violin string Hannah magically played, it definitely changed me, change my perspective on ideas, changed my perspective on this world, changed how I looked at myself ….. I’ve played this over 100 times, I have it on my phone ready to repeat when I need that nudge. Inspiration is powerful! I just want to share it with you. This video is one that I have in my pocket at all times, so I share it with you in hopes that what I feel every time I watch this, you can experience the feeling too! Be inspired, take your ideas and share it with the world. Your story starts …. you were here.

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