Starting your Snapchat strategy? Have questions or need to learn the basics of the platform? Shaun will help you, not only understand the dynamics of the platform, but provide tips and methods on how to grow your following and increase engagement.

Content Creator
Looking for ways to add a different style or personality to your Snapchat stories? Shaun will create content based on your vision for your snapchat account.

Advertising and Growth Hacking
Would you like to reach and engage with an audience through Shaun’s Snapchat account, Shaun can create a story that works for his target audience consumption.

Uploading Snapchat Content
Have pre-recorded video or image content that needs to be uploaded to your Snapchat account? Shaun can upload your snap images and video to your story in the time frame you need it.

On-Demand Geo Filters
Looking for ways to be seen on Snapchat without being active on Snapchat? Need a filter created for an event, conference or social gathering? Shaun and his team can create exactly what your looking for.

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