Snap News – The Week of 1/15/17

This week we received a lot of news from Snap Inc, so in This Week’s Snap News, we will go over the new Universal Search update, the Our Story, Snapchat Sequential Video Ads, the Oracle Data Cloud Partnership and Sony’s CEO resignation. Lets get started!

Universal Search
Now we have a standard Search button at the top of the Snapchat App. This new Search bar allow users to find their friends, the groups they are in, the Discover publishers and the new Our Stories.


With this new Search functionality, it appears that we will also get a access to pre populated items:

  • Quick Chat – Friends you have recently communicated with
  • Groups – Groups that your are actively in
  • New Friends – Friends you recently connected with and a preview of their current story
  • Quick Add –  Recently Joined users and Mutual Friend users for you to make new friends
  • Contacts – Snapchat search for friends in your mobile devices contacts

In the Search bar, you can start to type the letters of a name and a list will populate with all the friends you are currently connected with. For example if I start typing “ja”,  it will show me all the friends on my list whose name begins with “ja”, the groups I am actively in with that person, and Friends I have not Friended back with yet in my account. Here you will be able to connect with them immediately in message and send them snaps. Overall, I believe that this new Search feature is a quick and easy way to connect with the Friends.

This feature has only be released to a few Android devices, but will eventually roll out for all Android and iOS users.

Our Story
Now let’s talk about curated Stories from Snapchat, I’m referring to the stories that would every so often
pop up at the top of our feed when a special event or holiday was taking place, for example, the “Los Angeles” story or the “Grammys” story. These Stories were decided and approved by Snapchat. Snapchat has decided to change this feature and rename “Our Stories”. Now users now longer have the option of picking a specific Story to submit to, instead can submit to the new “Our Story” story allowing Snapchat to aggregate content based on what others are submitting; similar to Twitter’s “Trends” section.

Snapchat Sequential Video Ads
Snapchat is now pitching to Advertisers the ability to purchase advertising video that runs more then 10 seconds. If your ad is designed to be more than 10 seconds, the ad will still be seen in 10 second increments. This is genius, because now you will now be able to run multiple ads back to back so you can create a story type ad. Discover Ad starts at $50,000.

Snapchat now allows advertisers to create targeted ads based on offline behavior.
Snapchat has partnered with Oracle Data Cloud which allows advertisers to serve up ads based on what its users buy offline. This is the first time Snapchat is using a third party to target ads. This and the ability to already target Snapchat users based on their behaviors in the app is getting us closer to targeting users with ads on Snapchat like never before.

Sony CEO Resigns to go to Snap Inc.
Sony-CEO-SnapchatSony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton announces his resignation from Sony to serve as chairman of the board of Snap Inc. Mr. Lynton was an early investors in Snapchat and has been on the board for over 4 years now. He wants to dedicate more of his time to Snap Inc. and only time will tell what this will mean for Snap Inc. In my opinion, this definitely show that Snapchat will be playing in the media space, Discover is already there along with daily content. Creators are today’s TV shows. I believe we can look forward to seeing snapchat position itself in the new online TV space.

Thats it for this weeks Snap News. Thanks for stopping by! See you next week!

That’s it for this week’s Snap News!

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