Snap News – The Week of 1/22/17


This week  01/22/17  to 01/28/17 we received more news about Snap Inc.! So in This Week’s Snap News, we will go over that Snapchat partners with Nelson mobile Digital Ad Ratings, Snapchat’s new look, and Discover Partners new guidelines. Lets get started!

Snapchat partners with Nielsen’s mobile Digital Ad Ratings
Snapchat is working at making sure Marketers are able to leverage their 150 million daily active Snapchatters by partnering with Nielsen’s mobile Digital Ad Ratings (mDAR) unit. This new partnership allows Marketers to target Snapchat’s audience by age and sex. As a marketer this is incredible news! Learn more here

Snapchat’s new look
Snapchat just updated their app and it’s a visual update! In update 10.0.0, we now have access to Searching the following:

  • Quick Chat – Friends you have recently communicated with.
  • Groups – Groups that you’re are actively in.
  • New Friends – Friends you recently connected with and a preview of their current story.
  • Quick Add –  Recently Joined users and Mutual Friend users for you to make new connections.
  • Contacts – Snapchat search for friends in your mobile devices contacts.

You can read more here

Snapchat updates Discover Partners Guidelines 
With 100 million users now viewing Discover content each year, the Discover content is undoubtedly a popular source of news for the Snapchat user.   The Discovery publishers now have guidelines reinforced by Snapchat to filter any content Rated R or Mature from the Discover Tiles.  According to Snap Inc., “nudity, pornographic imagery and other indecent, obscene or profane content” will be off-limits unless Discover publishers uses  an “age-gate” for inappropriate photos, videos and text to be shown to ages 18 and older unless it’s relevant news to all. Snap Inc. will hold publishers accountable to create content that’s “informative, factual and safe.” This is effective immediately to all Discover partners.

Hope this keeps you up to date with Snap News! More coming soon!

That’s it for this week’s Snap News!

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