Snap News – The Week of 2/12/17


This week, 02/12/17  to 02/18/17: We caught wind of a little rumor, a new partnership and Skip stats on Snapchat ads! Let’s dive right in!

Snap Inc. is building a phone?

I’ll say it’s a rumor, however may be on to something here. They unveiled a concept phone detailing it with a 360-degree camera, Snapchat Icon button and a bunch of features. With Snap Inc. recent IPO announcement and all their new hires. it sounds like they are definitely up to something innovative.

“Snap went on a hiring spree for employees in hardware engineering, telecommunications and manufacturing logistics starting in August of 2016. These included electrical, mechanical, prototype, hardware, interactive, RF/antenna, and NPI (New Product Introduction) engineers as well as CMF (color, metal, finish) designers, industrial designers, and mobile services specialists. Of the 36 new hires since August of 2016, 16 have pervious experience from Motorola, 7 from Apple, 6 from Google, 3 from HTC, and one each from Verizon and Nokia.” –

A Snapchat phone would be interesting, don’t you think? Do you think this could be a new product that could revolutionize the app and mobile industry? I’ll be waiting with bated breathe for new news about this!

Snap Inc. partners with Discovery Communications
UnknownSnap Inc. partnered with Discovery to produce spinoffs of 2 of it’s popular shows “Mythbusters” and “Shark Week” for the Snapchat App. Snapchat did announce plans to add more TV-like offerings on its Discover section of the app, so could Snapchat become the next Netflix, Amazon Prime or You Tube Red with exclusive shows specific to the Snapchat app?  The way its looking, I think it may just be possible, if they could find a way to get more users to subscribe to the content on Discovery.

69% of Snapchatters Skip Ads
According to a survey conducted by Fluent using 3,327 American adults, a whopping 69% of Snapchatters Skip Ads (Nearly 80% of 18-24 year old Snapchatters Skip Ads). 39% of all those surveyed follow News accounts. 42% follow Sports accounts,  43 % follow Entertainment and Pop Culture accounts, and 51 % of people follow Internet Celebrities on the platform. From these stats, its safe to say, a vast majority of users dislike branded ads on Snapchat and PREFER following real people. So getting your message across using real people is where your advertising opportunity lies.

Snaplytics release their Quarterly Report
Snaplytics help brands, agencies and online influencers optimize Snapchat as a marketing channel. They just released their Quarterly repot that has some info you do not ant to miss.

64% of new followers searched for the Snapchat username. 25% of new followers found you by Snapcode. 9% of new followers used deep links. (Open Rate) 54% of an account followers will open the story. 87.5% of thosefollowers will watch the full story. 13 Stories are posted on average per month per brand. Average of 11 Snaps in each story. 38% of the completion rate can be explained by the number of Snaps. 61% of the Snaps are videos.

This study analyzed more than 500 brands running their own Snapchat accounts posting more than 24,000 stories consisting of more than 217,000 snaps with the goal of understanding how they’re using Snapchat and what level of engagement to expect. Download the full report here

Well, that’s it for this week’s Snap News!

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