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Have you updated your Snapchat App lately? If not, what are you waiting for?! Do it now!! So by the time you finish reading this article you’ll be able to try out the new feature! Go ahead…I’ll wait…!

Okay, now that you’ve hit “update now” and are waiting for it to finish, let me tell you about a new feature within the latest update! Snapchat released a new way to share your “Discover” content with your friends within the snapchat app.

With this new updated,  you can now send any content from “Discover”, including  video, an image or an article for a friend to view. You are however, limited to what you are sending. Let me explain: in the case of an article, you are only able to send a screen shot of what you are viewing to  your recipient, BUT your recipient will be able to see your screen shot AND  a button will appear on the bottom of the screenshot of the article that will take them to the “Discover” article within Snapchat to read the full article.

Here is an example:
discover-buttonIn this sent article you will notice a purple bar at the bottom of this screen that reads “Sent via Discover, Tap to view the full story“.

When sending “Discover” content, you are also capable of taking advantage of all in app snap options, like filters, coloring tools and text to add as if you where creating your own snaps.

Sadly, this new feature does not allow you to share outside the Snapchat app yet and it only works with the “Discover content”. It also will not allow you to send to your “Story”,  however, this is a great way to for those already using “Discover” to provide value and informative content to their friends. This is also great for the advertiser as well, to get more views for the content they create.

Note:  Snapchat currently limits the amount of friends you can send content to.  So remember if you have a large amount of friends, you are limited to sending snaps to only 200 of them. So pick your “friends” wisely – haha!

Now for the fun stuff,  go test out this new feature by going to the “Discover” section and sending your first article to a friend. Hey, send it to me! Lemme see whatcha’ reading!

If you’re not connected with me yet on snapchat, send me a request, my username is ShaunAyala, – I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

Snapchat-Send-to-a-friend-featureLet’s talk about HOW to use the new feature:
1. Open Snapchat at swipe left to the “Discover” Panel.
2. Choose and tap on a brand you would like to discover more information about.
3. Swipe left till you find something you would like to share.
4. Press and hold the screen and you will notice the standard snap text/color/filter and sending option will appear on a screen capture of the content you would like to send.
5. Doodle or write text on the content and send to a friend!

Thats it! You’ve just sent your first discover content to a friend.

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