Snapchat has a new look!

Sound the trumpets! It’s finally here!!!  Version Lets dive right in, to what’s new and/or different!

Open your Snapchat app, what do you see? There are two things you’ll notice at the top left hand corner:

  1. Snapchat Ghost Icon
  2. Search field

The Snapchat icon and Search field are now on ALL of the following screens:

  1. Camera Screen
  2. Chat Screen
  3. Stories Screen
  4. Memories Screen

Let’s break down what the Snapchat Icon and the added Search field can do for us.

The Snapchat Ghost Icon
This icon serves as two things:

  1. When pressed, it opens to the Snapcode screen and
  2. It alerts you by placing a yellow box behind the ghost when a friend has added you, letting you know, you achieved a new trophy etc.

The Search Field
When using the Search field on the Camera, Chat and Stories Screen, the results are similar. You will get a list of these pre populated items:

  • Quick Chat – Friends you have recently communicated with.
  • Groups – Groups that you’re are actively in.
  • New Friends – Friends you recently connected with and a preview of their current story.
  • Quick Add –  Recently Joined users and Mutual Friend users for you to make new connections.
  • Contacts – Snapchat search for friends in your mobile devices contacts.

glasses2When you use the Search field in the Memories Screen, you are actually searching Snaps that you’ve saved to your Memories. Snapchat automatically labels your Snaps/Stories in Memories according to what it can identify in the Snap. For instance, if you are wearing glasses in multiple snaps, Snapchat will create a category called “glasses” where all those snaps will be stored. You now will be able to search “Glasses” and those images will be served up to you. [At this moment, Snapchat does not allow the user to edit or create categories that can be searched in this section, only time will tell what more we will be able to search for in Memories.]

The Discover Screen

You’ll also notice that the Discover Partners is no longer in the “Stories” Feed. The Discover Section was moved back to its own screen similar to its original design. You now need to swipe over to the Discover Screen for your daily dose of Pop Culture News and Trends.

Bitmojis now play a larger part in the design, especially in the Search screen. If you have a Bitmojii created, people will now see that as your “profile” picture when they are using the Search field.

Final Thoughts. 
Honestly, at first this was a little confusing to me, I found myself in certain screens trying to swipe out, only to realize I need to tap the “X” button to exit.  I’m not sure how much I will be using the search feature knowing I will not be able to discover new people using it, but I guess time will tell. What are your thoughts?  Snap or tweet me, I would love to know!

That’s the latest Version Update!

If you’re not connected with me on Snapchat yet, send me a request. My username is ShaunAyala, —  Snapchat you soon!

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