Snapchat Secret Hack – How to Upload your Snaps at Once

How-to-upload-your-snaps-at-onceAre you a Storyteller on Snapchat? Do you wish you were able to have a story upload to your friend’s story feed all at once instead of in real time piece by piece? Also, have you ever wondered why your entire Snapchat story is not getting the same view rate as frame one or two in your story? Rest assured, this is normal. However, today’s topic can help have more people see your entire story all at once and help you you increase your views per frame!
The secret to increasing your story’s retention rate is simple, it is having all snaps load at the same time in your friends Stories Feed. Impossible you say? Well…sort of – the app is designed to submit your Snap/frames in real time piece by piece – BUT there is a way around this! The following hack, will help you upload your snaps to Snapchat but WILL not post to your Stories until you allow it too.

Here’s what you would need to do:

  1. Turn Wifi OFF and Airplane Mode ON
  2. Start Snapping and submit them to you your Story like you would normally. With Wifi off and Airplaine mode on, your stories will be stored in memory waiting to be uploaded to Snapchat. (Pretty Genius right??!)
  3. When your story is finished, turn on Airplane Mode OFF and Wifi ON
  4. Click on your Story in your Stories Feed to see each frame, you will see an error next to each Snap, simply click on each snap one by one to “Tap to retry”, this will upload them to your friends Stories feed all at once.

Thats it!! You have successflly uploaded your first story all at once! This is a great hack, not only does it allow you to upload all at once BUT it also INCREASES the retention rate of the viewer, simply because they no longer have to wait long periods for each snap to load in their Stories Feed. It’s WIN WIN!

The only 2 Cons I’ve noticed with this hack is that Snapchat still time stamps each Snap for the time it was submitted, meaning if you took an hour between adding a Snap, that first snap will expire one hour before the others in that 24 hour period.The second is, if your Story is extemly long with several snaps (depening on the end users internet quality), they might encounter a loading here and there. Other than that, it’s still a great hack!

You can thank Salliasnap for today’s pro tip! A while ago she shared this little nugget of gold with me and it’s really been a fantastic approach for my type of story telling strategy. Depending on the story you are telling this strategy can be beneficial. I took her advice and studied it to see how effective it would be, and it worked better than I imagined. Not only was I able to get my entire snap story seen all at once but I notice that there was an increase in views on each frame from start to finish, and with each story, my retention rate got better and better. I will add here though, and I can’t stress this enough – content is EVERYTHING. If your content is not engaging or exciting enough, you may not see an increase in views, however you will get a better understanding of the moment your friends drop off due to the story playing all at once and not in pieces. This is also great insight to your content creation strategy.

Final Thoughts

This is a great hack and I use it very often. I love the fact that my friends can see my entire story at once. If you are working on a story that has a beginning with no previous Snaps and end, try this strategy hack and see how it works for you. Let me know what you think.

If you’re not connected with me on Snapchat yet, send me a request. My username is ShaunAyala, — I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

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