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Have you ever noticed when viewing other snappers stories or images in messages, some have had a black boarder at the top and bottom while others do not? There’s a really simple reason this happens, keep reading and I’ll explain.

Truth is, not all image are created equal. There are 2 common sizes of pictures (snaps) that I’ve notice from Snapchat users that I don’t think many of us are aware of – but we should be! The difference happens when using  a larger screen phone/tablet like an iPhone 6/Plus or a Samsung Note. The Snapchat Text Safe Area – The Optimal Viewing Area is important to consider if you are drawing, adding text or emojis to your snaps. In the example below, because of the thousands of snaps I have sent and seen using multiple devices, I’ve found that there is an optimal viewing area you need to keep in mind when creating your next snap. Below is a comparison of what I mean:  Example A is a snap I created using my iPhone 6 Plus. Example B shows you what it looks like viewed from a smaller screen device like the iPhone 4s.  The thing to remember here is not everyone has a large screen device. If your friend has a small screen device they will be missing parts of your snaps if it falls outside Optimal Viewing/Text Safe Area. Notice that in Example A, I signed my art with my Snapchat username SHAUNAYALA at the bottom right corner of the screen – it looks fine on the iPhone 6 Plus (large phone example) however it is cropped out of the iPhone 4s version (smaller phone example).

iphone 6 vs 4s - 4
Clearly,  if there is any text at the exact bottom or exact top of your snap there is a possibility half (if not more) of your friends will NOT see it. (Remember, not everyone has a large screen device). BUT rest assured, I have created a handy dandy picture highlighting in red the “NO GO ZONE” aka, “THE RED ZONE”  aka “THE ZONE YOU DONT WANT TO PUT ANYTHING IN“, so that you can make sure the entirety of your snap is visible to EVERYONE. 

Simplest illustration ever right? Just remember, “No no” to the very top and “No no” to the very bottom!  Alright, now that I have bestowed to you this valuable piece of information, go forth and create some incredible snaps!! It will be helpful when someone decides to screenshot something amazing from you and share it with the world! Your signature or message will be fully seen, regardless of the device it is being viewed from.

If you’re not connected with me yet on snapchat, send me a request, my username is ShaunAyala, – I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

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