Snapchat: The Walking Dead Collaboration

Portfolio Content – The concept, the Snap Strategy and my Learnings


Now lets talk Snapchat Walking Dead!! I was excited to create and bring this idea to life! I knew my Snapchat friends liked The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Promo was sent to my Snapchat friends informing them about the next collaboration and getting their art featured. Knowing that the platform limits the visibility of content for 24 hours when it’s in the “My story” feed, I wanted to inform friends of how they can get involved with my snaps in advance. Getting friends involved I found is key, it makes creating content fun, because you can see who is engaged and wants to be featured.

Below is the Promo I created, a day before the actual collaboration launched.

What worked great with this promo is that I sent it individually to each of my Snapchat friends. If you have more than 200 friends, snapchat limits the amount of snapchatters you are allowed to send content to at one time.

I started this promo with a powerful statement on black “I need your help…” This was intriguing to most because for those who checked it immediately, they didn’t get my second snap in the sequence yet and they were engaged and asking questions about “what do you need?”, “what can i do?”, “how can I help?”

Once the entire Promo Snaps were sent, many started to send in their Walker Ideas.

Here are some ways I promoted to launch.

If you’re not connected with me yet on snapchat, send me a request, my username is ShaunAyala, – I do follow back! =) Talk to you soon!

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