Thoughts on the new Snapcodes, and why I’m not a fan..yet.

Snapchat released a new update today. Now you can create a Snapcode for any website! I was excited to see this update, My first thought was brands, business, individuals and marketers now finally have a way to convert people from within the Snapchat app using  a trackable link to an external website! Well, that wasn’t exactly the case. *womp womp womp*

Admittedly, I am disappointed in this new feature because the only way to really take advantage of it is by having the created Snapcode physically available to users for them to scan with the app’s camera. I also dislike the fact that there is currently no way (yet) to share these codes digitally. Hopefully we’ll get that update in the future.

However, I can see brands and business using this new feature to create Snapcodes in print, on digital screens at events, TV commercials, sidewalk billboards or even at store locations to provide exclusive content to Snapchat users. This is a great way to get people to engage.

IDEA NOTE: When creating these new Snapcodes in your marketing materials/campaign, think of ways to create excitement around your newly created Snapcode by using clever bait line like,  “Scan to get Exclusive *insert brand here* Content”.

What are your thoughts about this new feature? Will you be using it?

Now go test these new Snapcodes!

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