Twitter Video – NEW Release


NEW to Twitter:
Twitter Video – Life, camera action. Now you can shoot and share video directly on Twitter.

All I can say is …. WOW!!! This is an AMAZING feature for Twitter that is a MUST to take advantage of. What an incredible way to send personalize video tweets on Twitter! This new feature will allow users to be present in REAL time, allowing them to engage with their fans and followers like never before. Imagine, how awesome it would be if you tweeted to someone you follow (a fan of), and that person actually took a moment to respond and engage with you via a Twitter video!  Wouldn’t that be amazing!? It’s a whole new level of building rapport and fostering loyalty with your fans and followers!

This feature is brand new, and it’s exciting! Fully embracing it consistently and creatively while providing value to your fans and followers will definitely prove to be beneficial to the growth and interaction with your following.

ACTIONABLE TO-DO: Below is a video walking you through creating your first twitter video directly from the IOS app.

Here are a few examples:

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